Does technology make leadership more efficient or dependent?

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” In fact, the famous saying has prompted even the tech-savvy crowd to step back and think before rushing into the realm of automation, mechanization, robotics, and computers. A modern term to refer specifically to these evolutions would be “digitization.” Starting from daily tasks to currency, every aspect fits radically into the cloak of digitization. Interestingly, the revolution in technology is in its most prominent state in the current century more than ever. Therefore, it is not surprising that the 21st century is known as the age of innovation.

The influence of technology is permeating all industrial sectors, significantly improving not only how things used to work, but even how humans used to think, act, and execute plans twenty to thirty years from now. Considering this aspect, one of the aspects in which technology has had a considerable influence is ‘leadership’ in the business world. However, this drastic influence of technology on today’s leaders, their mindsets and even their leadership styles is giving rise to countless questions, and one of those millions of doubts is’ if technology is making the craftsmanship of leadership be more efficient or dependent? ‘ In fact, reversing your views, beliefs, opinions, and judgments is critical when you are in contemporary business. Let’s discuss more on this topic in this article below.

Technology-Based Leadership: A Blessing or a Bane?

The question is critical and a bit difficult to answer, as we are still in the midst of evolution and haven’t really come to a conclusion. Things are about to be mechanized and digitized, and the results are both positive and negative. New software, tools and procedures are constantly being introduced on the corporate platform, which is significantly changing the work environment. Leaders are looking to technology as their right hand to get ahead and beat the competition. The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, the USC Leadership Style Self-Assessment, the IHHP Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment, and the IHHP Performance Under Pressure Assessment are some of the most advanced tools used in the current century. by the top leaders of organizations around the world. the world. If used effectively, these tools give you a highly progressive approach on how to identify your leadership blind spots, how to deal with change, how to be the recipient of true mentoring, and the list goes on. Today, there is hardly an organization that does not have a technological infrastructure equipped with these or other relevant tools. Various leaders, entrepreneurs, and business bosses around the world have seen success with technology happiness, but again, it all depends on how they have made technology work for them. There is a big difference between surrounding your business, your judgment and your skills with technology and using it instead.

Why does it all depend on how the technology is used and implemented?

Regardless of how advanced technology has become and how closely it has become intertwined with our professional lives, the fact is that some skills can never be replaced by automation. Skills such as the ability to inspire others, establish trust, and promote teamwork have been the golden qualities of successful leaders for centuries. Today they are admired and regarded as the classic rules because they have actually worked for years. No automation or robotics can act as a substitute for the skills, ideas, and knowledge that are natural to a person. However, the way technology can help is by helping us hone and improve your skills. This is exactly where the art of using technology properly comes into play. A wise leader will always be able to bend technology to serve him rather than letting technology take over his real abilities. Today’s business world treasures several successful leaders, and if you pay attention to their success stories, they all have one skill in common, and that is choosing the right approach to technical execution.

If you’ve come across the term “blended approach,” it is exactly the method adopted and used by most leaders to keep the roots of tradition intact and incorporate innovation at the same time for a more productive result. For example, today there are several tools that are widely used to carry a digital conversation within a team in a workplace. In fact, through these portals, team members or leaders have a better platform to interact with each other. However, true leaders deliberately choose to go to their team members on occasion and speak with them in person with the goal of avoiding reliance on hard-code technology supports 24 hours a day. Maintaining a balance between innovative and mainstream approaches is what today’s aspirants planning a future in the business industry need to know. Taking advantage of these small but influential details requires deep knowledge and information. If you are ready to become part of this complex but optimistic world of corporatization, IILM is the place for you. As one of the best PGDM universities in Delhi, we at IILM offer interested aspiring business managers an excellent opportunity to add significant advantage to their careers. Take advantage of our world-class PGDM management program to stand out from your competitors.

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Tips for Choosing Cabinet Hardware

If you are installing new cabinets and countertops, or if you are repairing your old cabinets and countertops, one thing you may want to reconsider is your cabinet hardware.

One thing that is always overlooked is kitchen hardware, its knobs and handles, while small, have a huge impact on the overall visual effect of your kitchen. There are several tips to keep in mind when choosing kitchen cabinet hardware.

Color – Color alone or your cabinet hardware can either impose a presence in a room or blend in with elegance. There are many colors to choose from, depending on who gets your knobs and pulls. The most common colors for cabinets are black / forged, brushed steel, polished steel, brass, copper. There are many more colors to choose from that are also not listed here.

Style – The style you choose for your cabinets should be reflected in your cabinet hardware. If you choose a simplistic design, you may want to choose a flip that is also simplistic in design. You may not want to put a hand-forged Celtic knot in a design that is more of a Victorian design. Styles are difficult to list, there are many and they are always changing.

You have thousands of options to choose from, not only decide on what MIGHT look good or what the dealer may have in stock, but make sure your hardware matches not only your cabinet styles, but the rest of your cabinets as well. elements of your kitchen.

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Why is the Ford F-150 the best-selling truck in the country?

The Ford F-Series is an iconic American pickup truck with a long history of success. The first generation was originally produced in 1948, and at that time ranged in size from a light-duty half-ton truck (the F-1) to a heavy-duty three-ton option (the F-8). The F-150 was added in 1975, and the F-Series has been America’s best-selling truck since 1976. The F-150s sold today are the 13th generation, and while Ford has made major technological changes to its trucks since so, they have always tried to stay true to the original spirit of the F Series. This is one of the reasons they maintain such a loyal customer base.


With a wide variety of model types, engine sizes, and different finishes to choose from, the F Series is one of the most versatile truck lines on the market. Models include the F-150, Super Duty light commercial trucks (F-250 through F-550), and the F-650 and F-750 medium-duty commercial trucks. Versions of the F-150 include XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited packages. They have a larger base engine than Chevy (its biggest competition), and there are more engine sizes to choose from as well.


According to Ford, there are still more F-Series trucks on the road with 250,000 miles or more than any other brand, proving they are tough and reliable. They are the best-selling cars in the country for thirty years. These trucks are a true American product and are primarily assembled at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant. However, some parts are manufactured in Mexico and Venezuela.


When it comes to power, no other brand can match the F-150’s towing and payload capacity. The standard V6 engine can tow up to 7,600 pounds. and it can handle a payload of 1,910 pounds. Its most powerful engine, the 3.5L turbocharged V6, tows 12,200 pounds. and has a payload capacity of 3,270 pounds. They’re efficient too, and the F-150 combines the power of a V8 with the fuel efficiency of a V6.

Safe and forward thinking

Although many large trucks can be difficult to maneuver, the F Series has an automatic parking feature available, so you can relax while your vehicle is parking. Safety features include ABS, traction control, stability control, and trailer sway control. When equipped with the optional Forward Collision Warning System, the F-150 was one of the IIHS top safety picks in 2016. Other awards in 2016 included the Kelley Blue Book as Best Buy of the Year and Cost of Purchase Lowest 5 years in his class.

It’s easy to see why the F Series has been America’s best-selling vehicle for thirty years. However, if a truck isn’t for you, Ford has other great options. The Explorer Sport is the best-selling non-luxury midsize SUV among the wealthy Gen-X, the Mustang remains one of the most iconic American sports cars ever made, and the Fusion Hybrid is a great choice for anyone looking for fuel efficiency, with up to 43 mpg on urban highways.

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How a Plastic Surgeon Can Increase Their Sales Opportunities and Those of Their Patients with a Successful Marketing Strategy

Hello surgeon,

To grow your plastic surgery practice with an unbeatable ROI in today’s increasingly competitive environment, it is critical that you reach out to new patients and raise awareness of their unique procedures, facilities, and services.

If you find it difficult to listen to others, I’ll be sure to tell you … Don’t make excuses for your failed campaigns and be honest about the real benefit that each marketing channel brings to your practice. You’re looking to identify which optimized paid and organic search keywords will help you attract more patients. Only then can you take your practice to the next level.

Developing an annual marketing plan for your surgical practice can be difficult, but it is necessary for the success of your practice. Strategic planning ensures that you target the right customers, in the right place, with a stronger message and better than everyone else on the block.

His brand of plastic surgery distinguishes his practice.

Your unique brand message attracts potential patients and influences your professional reputation. An “all fronts” marketing strategy is necessary to maximize your development and return on investment.

Because cosmetic plastic surgery is dominated by elective procedures, it cannot rely on business referrals. You must speak directly to patients through a well-planned and executed marketing plan.

Plastic surgery marketing is competitive, everyone does.

Research shows that the more often a consumer sees your brand, the greater their comfort level with your practice and the more likely they are to schedule an appointment.
Like it or not, your patients are turning to the internet to find the most skilled and effective plastic surgeons, and your competitors are capturing leads in scores. You need to start dominating the online landscape if you want to grow your practice, attract more patients, and improve your brand image …

The best marketing strategies incorporate both branding and advertising marketing.
I tell you that the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve this is through an online marketing campaign that starts with a unique and innovative, modern and user-friendly website.

Today’s consumers begin their search on the Internet; instantly confronting a bewildering forest of options for breast reduction or augmentation, liposuction, facelift, or “mommy makeover.” In addition, they find non-surgical, laser and other procedures, such as botox injections.

With more than 1.7 million cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States, plastic surgery practices are a rapidly growing medical practice area. If you are an expert in plastic surgery, you are looking for innovative and effective ways to improve your online reputation and outperform your competitive neighbors …

I fully understand how difficult it can be to manage your staff and operate a plastic surgery practice while trying to market your practice. But your marketing efforts should be on your to-do list this year if you want to make sure you keep up with the competition (of course, the goal is to outperform your neighboring competing plastic surgeons).

So how can you dominate and practically steal patients from other surgeons?

Happiness and confidence …

People buy from people they trust. What is the price of happiness? The potential cosmetic surgery candidate will weigh the pros and cons, although financial considerations are only part of the equation. All surgeries, even the least invasive procedures, include risk factors and consumer concerns that they will achieve the expected result and that they are safe (clinically and emotionally) in the hands of a qualified and experienced physician.

Patients don’t buy procedures. Skilled surgeons dedicate years of professional training and experience to the fine art of excellence in augmentation mammoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and many other procedures that many patients do not recognize by name. In fact, patients are not motivated to buy “eyelid surgery,” “nose reshaping,” or even “breast augmentation.”

What people buy is happiness. Although these are the names of some of the most common cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, what plastic surgeons do is not what patients BUY. Individual purchase decision factors may vary somewhat, but the main motivations are to improve your appearance, reinforce your own image, and / or feel better about your appearance.

Building trust begins early in the vendor research, consideration, and selection process, often through advertising, marketing, online information, as well as personal and professional recommendations.

Anticipating and responding to these concerns, and building a bridge of trust between the patient and the provider, is essential to building a successful plastic surgery marketing strategy.

Your brand addresses the entire patient experience and must communicate your main value proposition to them.

One of the cornerstones of successful plastic surgery marketing and advertising is effectively communicating the prospect of improving self-esteem, life satisfaction, and self-rated physical attractiveness-happiness.

There are many strategies you can implement to improve your online reputation. Let’s prioritize reputation management activities for your practice so that you can outperform your competition and focus on achieving your business goals.

You need a great website. It is the foundation of his practice and that website keeps patients excited as they navigate through it.

But I’m not here to lie to you and tell you that this is all you need. To attract more patients, you need more than just a unique, innovative, modern, and easy-to-use website. That is the last piece of the puzzle your patient sees. It is important but so is what I am going to tell you …

These key components – recognizing a patient’s definition of happiness and inspiring a bond of trust between patient and surgeon – are essential to a plastic surgery practice marketing strategy that wins new patients.

Develop your brand image: Your brand is a promise to your patients and must convey confidence and professionalism.

Create content focused on your practice – Content stays online forever and helps build your online reputation. Your content is your best marketing tool.

Be the best plastic surgeon in your area – Plastic surgeons who are invisible to search engines are also invisible to potential patients.

Social Media Engagement – Create engaging content tailored to user communities across all social media. Your social media presence will increase, brand awareness will skyrocket, and patient engagement costs will decrease.

Your innovative and responsive website: Your patients prefer a smooth interface with easy navigation and helpful content. If you consider yourself an elite plastic surgeon, you must have an elite website.

A constant factor in the highly competitive world of plastic surgery marketing is change. The change happens; in the geographic market, in healthcare competition, and in the effectiveness and efficiency of your plastic surgery marketing strategy.
Increase your numbers and increase the size of plastic surgery cases by marketing to the right patients.

The value of a lead generation campaign is based on the number of leads it generates and the cost per lead. A successful lead generation campaign will generate more income for the practice of plastic surgery than it costs to generate leads.

Unlike many other medical specialties, cosmetic surgery is almost a direct consumer business that is paid for in cash. Operating outside of the referral system means that a solid and comprehensive plastic surgery marketing plan is a must for success.

As a result, plastic surgery is saturated with campaigns. To compete, you must stay ahead of tomorrow’s advertising and marketing strategies. However, when you spend your days helping patients look and feel better, keeping up can be difficult. That’s where we come in. We live and breathe marketing.

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7 reasons why people hate learning a foreign language

What foreign language?

It has been said at other times that a key question people ask themselves when thinking about learning a foreign language is “what foreign language should I try to learn?” The reasons for wanting or needing to learn a foreign language can be almost as many and as varied as the number of people. Family, ancestry, employment, business, education, travel, adventure, romance, and other personal concerns may all play their respective roles in the decision to learn and continue learning a foreign language.

With literally thousands of languages ​​spoken in the world, in addition to some of the major ones such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese and German, there is obviously no lack of choice. But many students admit, “I hate trying to learn a foreign language.” Why? Here are the top seven most frequently given reasons.

The seven most common reasons given

1. There is no way to practice regularly

“I know that learning a foreign language is a valuable skill, but no one I know speaks it and I have no way of practicing”:

2. Long vocabulary lists to memorize

“We get a vocabulary list of over 50 words every week in class, and I can’t keep up with memorizing them.”

3. Illogical grammar rules

“The grammar and rules of the foreign language just don’t make any sense to me,” several foreign language students complain.

4. Pronunciation difficulties

“Whenever I try to speak in class everyone laughs at me because I mispronounce my words, they say.”

5. Bad teachers of foreign languages

Our foreign language teacher is absolutely horrible. She hardly seems to know the language herself. She really shouldn’t be trying to teach us. “

6. There are not enough resources available

“So what do we do with it (a foreign language)? We don’t have good tapes, videos, songs, movies, or games. To me, it seems like a waste.”

7. Trips abroad are too expensive

“Hey, I would love to visit a foreign country where the language is spoken, but I can’t get a visa”: “Even if I could get a visa, I could never pay for airfare and hotels.”

Lower affective filter

If an English as a foreign language teaching professional is to do an effective job, these are just a few of the many possible difficulties and objections that must be overcome. Only then can the affective filter of students be reduced or compensated enough for both teacher and student to get the most out of language learning efforts.

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8 Expert Tips On How To Tidy Up Your Home

You can never really feel relaxed in your home when there is a lot of clutter around. We all know that living a simple life with only the things we need is a must, but the very idea of ​​going through everything you have and throwing things away is overwhelming.

Just think about how you will feel when you are done! Make it a fun activity instead of treating it like a chore.

Here are some expert tips on how to tidy up your home:

Have realistic expectations

Recognize that ordering is not an overnight process. The duration will depend on how many things you have and how many rooms you are cleaning. If you are working throughout the house, that will take even longer. Take up the challenge and don’t expect quick results, this will only lead to frustration.

Start with at least 10 minutes at a time

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, you can try to build momentum by working out just 10 minutes a day. This is also great for busy people. Once you find more time or get the hang of it, you can work to order it for hours at a time.

Have the labeled boxes ready

To make the ordination more organized, classify the things you are giving up and organize them into 2 main categories: “donate” and “throw”. Have large boxes labeled with these categories ready.

Work out

Start with your bedroom and then continue to the other rooms in the house, the kitchen, the living room, and then the garage. This way, you will have a clean room to relax in while you work on the rest of the house.

It starts with your clothes

Your closet is a good place to start. Give up the clothes you never wear or the ones you haven’t worn in more than 6 months.

Take before and after photos

To motivate yourself, take a photo of a room or area you want to work in. Once you’ve done your magic, take another photo. Compare both photos and see how eliminating some things you don’t need can make a big difference.

Get help

You don’t have to do everything yourself! If you live with your family, have them take care of tidying their own rooms. You can work together cleaning common areas. In addition, you will have a second opinion on whether to keep or discard an item.

Have a garage sale

Once you’re done ordering, you’ll probably end up with a ton of stuff. You can donate some or you can have a garage sale and earn money from the things you have discarded. Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Follow these expert tips on how to tidy up your home!

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Combat The Fat Review – The Truth About Jeff Anderson’s Fitness Program

Combat the Fat is a fitness program written by a former military man named Jeff Anderson and, while in the military, he has been training men to peak form in a matter of weeks. He has been known as the Muscle Nerd ever since. Now, he works as a fitness instructor, nutrition guide, and the author of his new book that is guaranteed to shape your body in 12 weeks.

So is this program a scam? Find out in this review.

First, let’s see what’s in the book for you. The Combat the Fat e-book is made up of three guides. The author bets on the correct exercise with the control of your diet and emphasizes that there is no quick fix for a well-carved body.

Guide 1 is made up of some military secrets that helped soldiers achieve their best form in no time. His experiences in the military are the basis for developing this training program. The secret to the effectiveness of the exercise program is based on real fat burning and muscle building strategies that will not only shape your body, but also maintain it forever through a unique system that they use to increase their metabolism. Increasing your metabolism will help your cells burn fat on their own, giving you more energy for more activities, preventing you from sitting on your couch.

Guide 2 teaches you basic workout plans that include exercising 45 minutes a day, three times a week to achieve that body you’ve always wanted in 12 weeks. And although the program’s design has a military base, it is surprisingly easy for beginners and those at intermediate levels. The exercises included are quite intense, but they are never too strenuous or difficult to perform.

Guide 3 is the nutritional manual that is surprisingly different than other diet programs that deprive you of some foods that you must eat to have a great body. The author emphasized that food is not the culprit for having ugly fat; Instead, it is the fat in some foods that we eat that is causing it. He presents some delicious recipes that will satisfy your stomach, while carving your slimmer body.

The guides are detailed enough and presented in an organized and simple way, making it easy for readers to understand and follow. The author also features an eight-week money-back guarantee if you feel like you don’t like the results.

Overall, Jeff Anderson’s Combat the Fat qualifies for a good fitness program for those who want to carve out their body in weeks.

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Tony Robbins CANI! System for success

Dr. W. Edward Deming is thought to be the person most responsible for bringing the “quality” movement to Japan. He believed that the best way to make Japan become a world economic power in the future was to encourage every person, company, and organization to commit to continually improving in small steps. Dr. Deming thought that small but steady improvements will eventually lead to big changes.

Tony Robbins was greatly influenced by the ideas of Dr. Deming, and years ago he developed a similar concept called “Constant and Endless Improvement”, better known as “CANI”.

In Japan, there is a term that is used to express the concept of “constant and endless improvement”.

– Kaizen. The word Kaizen is actually a combination of two words: Kai, which means change; and Zen, which means good. The idea is that improvements, no matter how small, will lead to great achievements.

In Tony Robbins’ “Lessons in Mastery” series, he determined that he did not want to use the word Kaizen. It was a Japanese word, and he felt that it was necessary to find a terminology that the people of our culture could identify with. He thought it made sense to change the term, but still maintain the same fundamental meaning as Kaizen. Tony wanted the people of the West to benefit from the message that was developed for Japanese culture.

CANI is basically an attempt to deal with the problem of people who are so focused on the end goals they want to achieve that they feel overwhelmed. CANI tries to help people by giving them something easier to keep their attention in, that is, small daily improvements. People should try to improve a small aspect of their lives every day. Eventually, this should lead to big changes that you probably never would have thought possible.

How exactly does CANI offer people a way to achieve their goals?

First, you build momentum. Physics teaches us that it is difficult to make an object move, but that once it begins to move it becomes difficult to stop it. Once you start moving your life in a certain direction, it will be easier to keep it in that direction. In business, it will be difficult for others to catch up, as you have an edge and momentum that keeps you moving forward.

The drive principle applies to all aspects of your life. For example, if you start moving towards happiness, it will be easier to become even happier.

Using the CANI principles will also lead to innovation. You will learn that you must find new ways to achieve your goals, and innovation will lead to further improvement.

Tony Robbins has stated that, “We only learn our limits by going beyond them.” When you start by making small improvements and then see the big changes that have occurred over time, you will understand that even greater things can be achieved. This will help you understand that you can go beyond what you ever thought possible. When you realize this, you will understand the real power of CANI. Put your attention on the journey and you will eventually reach your destination.

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California history class trip funded by Major League Baseball player

Parker Lefton is a retired history teacher from Maclay Middle School in Pacoina California, outside of Los Angeles. He continues to work as an educator in his role as a volunteer coordinator for the Determined to Dream Foundation. Garret Anderson, a recently retired Major League Baseball player who spent most of his career with the Los Angeles Angels, funds the Determined to Dream Foundation. Anderson and his wife, Teresa, were students at Maclay and have been actively funding and planning special projects at the school since 2003.

The Garret Anderson Foundation funds reading initiatives and educational trips
The Determined to Dream Foundation is the funding source for Maclay Middle School’s reading initiative and field trips. Each year, a group of students take an educational tour of the East Coast to Boston, New York City, or Philadelphia. Lefton also goes on an annual trip with a group of students to historical and geographic points of interest in California. “I feel like it’s important to expose the kids at this school to the outside world. A lot of the kids who go to Maclay haven’t had a chance to get out of Los Angeles,” Lefton said.

Looking for an educational travel company that offers flexibility
When he started looking for an educational travel company, Lefton said he was disappointed to find that many of the companies he interviewed had defined itineraries that couldn’t be changed. “I didn’t necessarily like the tours that other companies presented,” Lefton noted, “so I finally said yes to the company that was open to organizing the tour in any way that I wanted.” Educational Travel Consultants was willing to customize the tour to match their curriculum. Consultants work with teachers to create educational pathways that parallel the teaching objectives. Prepackaged tours of popular destinations are also available for school groups.

A student tour of California is created
Lefton helped create a six-day tour of California. The trip begins at Maclay Middle School near Los Angeles, continues through the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe, makes a stop in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento, and continues up the California coast through Monterey. and Santa Cruz, then back to Los Angeles.

Students travel to Sierra Nevada
Lefton wanted to start the tour with an overview of the geography of the state. The school trip begins with a visit to Mammoth Mountain, the site of the ancient volcano that erupted about 57,000 years ago. The students then proceed to nearby Lake Tahoe, another geographic wonder: a large, deep mountain lake that stands approximately 6,225 feet high and is located on the border of Nevada and California. While touring the area, students also visit the Coloma Valley, the place where gold was first discovered. This discovery triggered the California Gold Rush of 1849.

Touring Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay
After spending a day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the school group heads west to Sacramento to visit the California State Railroad Museum, where they learn about the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Here, the first of the two educational exercises on the journey begins with a search for information. Students work with their peers to find specific information at the Museum. Winners receive Target gift cards. During their visit to Sacramento, students also tour the California State Capitol building, where they get information and perspective from the state government.

Next on the itinerary is the San Francisco Bay area, where students visit Alcatraz Island prison by boat, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, tour Fort Point (a former Civil War era site) , visit the National Maritime Historical Park and take a walking tour. from Chinatown. In the evening, the group of students dine at a restaurant on Fishermen’s Wharf.

Santa Cruz and Monterey
The next day, the school group moves south to the San Francisco area and visits Santa Cruz, where they see one of California’s redwood forests, and make a stop in Monterey, California’s first capital. Here, students consider the Mexican period in California history, visit the Monterey Aquarium, and view the Big Sur shoreline from the lookout point at Point Lobos State Nature Reserve.

A student tour of an 18th century mission

On the way back to Los Angeles, the bus stops in Morro Bay, where a tour of the Museum of Natural History provides a visual and educational overview of the coastal area. At their last stop, they tour La Purísima Mission, a wonderfully preserved example of a mission as it would have been in 1800. The second part of the search for information occurs at La Purísima, where students are tasked with finding specific details about the mission story while towering.

Competing for a spot on the California tour

Funding limitations do not allow all Maclay Middle School students to attend this grant-funded trip. So Lefton and the Andersons have created an academic competition with the winners awarded a spot on the California tour. The contest helps them live to get better grades and also involves the element of luck. Students receive tickets for a drawing for each acceptable grade in the A, B and C range. “The more good grades they receive the first semester of school, the more entry tickets they have to enter the drawing,” says Lefton. Fourteen names are drawn from all the entries, and these lucky students tour their home state.

This unique trip was created because a history teacher wanted to develop an educational tour that would give students the opportunity to engage in active learning about their home state. The California tour is ambitious in all the places it covers. Students studying California history, geography, and social studies will benefit from a designed trip like this, or even one that is quite similar. The tour could be shortened to three or four days instead of five or six and still offer many learning opportunities.

For more information on scheduling a student trip to California, visit or email [email protected]

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Cats Meowing: Why They Do It, What It Means, And How To Stop Unwanted Meows

Cats do most of their meowing when they want something, but occasionally they meow to say hello. (Mine usually meows ‘hi’ when I get home from work. Although if I’m late it’s usually more of a ‘Where the hell have you been? I’m starving’ than a friendly hello).

It is estimated that cats have approximately 100 vocal sounds and that they reserve all of them for
communication with their owners. (They rarely meow at other cats.) It may take a while, but,
If you listen to the different types of meows, you will begin to grasp what each one means (a lot
like the different cries of a baby). As I mentioned before, they usually meow when they want something.
and the most common reasons for meowing is:

  • I am hungry
  • I want to go out
  • I want to enter
  • I want some attention
  • Help!

Each of these meows will be different and some are easier to understand than others. The “I’m hungry” meow is usually easy to understand, as cats are pretty good standing next to their empty food bowl or food cupboard when they make this noise.

All sounds should be evaluated in conjunction with your cat’s body language and facial expression.
Over time, as you become more familiar with your kitten, you will be able to recognize what each meow means. If all else fails, ask them what they want!

Constant meow

Some species of cats meow much more than others (for example, Siamese), but all do it to get your attention.
And while most do it when they want something in particular, some cats just meow constantly and for no apparent reason. This can be a major problem, especially if it occurs at night or early in the morning when you are trying to sleep.

Stop contant meow

First of all, make sure your cat is not meowing due to an illness or medical problem. The cats meow at
communicate, not just to demand things, so the disease should be ruled out in the first place.

However, most cats that meow constantly do so because they are trying to tell you something. Keep in mind that your cat does not meow just to annoy you and as quickly as you can figure out the
noise reasons, the faster it will stop. Here are some things you can try:

  • Feed regularly. Try to feed your cat at set times / regular intervals so that he can anticipate when he will eat again. You can also try leaving dry cat food / biscuits so your cat can nibble when hungry. However, if your cat has a tendency to overeat, this may not be wise.
  • Install a cat hatch. Most cats can never decide if they want to be inside or outside. My cat is in heaven during the summer when I can leave the back door open and he can come and go as he wants. If your cat is always in and out, a cat flap is a great option. They are pretty cheap and easy to install and you buy ones that have magnets so only YOUR cat can get in.
  • Touch. Some cats meow a lot because they want attention and love. Pet and play with your cat frequently to prevent him from feeling lonely or abandoned.
  • Discipline. Don’t let your cat lead you around the curve with excessive meows, take charge. You can ignore them, which will eventually cause them to stop if you don’t give in (so hard to do!) Or you can try old favorites from a squirt with a spray of water or a firm ‘NO’ and a clap of hands. Over time, your kitty will realize that constant meowing will get her nowhere. Make sure you remember to praise your cat and pay more attention to it when it is not meowing.
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