Diabetes: 5 tips for eating sugar wisely

Say you are diabetic but you like sweets. Are you condemned to a life of deprivation, watching others enjoy, but never participating in yourself? The surprising answer is no, at least for many type II diabetics. The reality is that most diabetics eat sugar and then feel guilty about it. Although as a physician I encourage my patients to avoid […]

Do you think you are not material expert?

Being the expert in your own niche is like writing your own ticket to freedom. Of course, you will never become “The Expert” in a massive field like weight loss. But select “Weight Loss for New Moms” or “Weight Loss for Future Girlfriends” or Weight Loss for Video Gamers “, and you can indeed become the expert in your niche. […]

Message: Social media is toxic for kids

According to research from Common Sense Media, teens now spend an average of nine hours a day glued to their devices, and tweens aren’t far behind at six. And that doesn’t take into account the use of technology in our nation’s classrooms, nor all the required computer assignments that follow our children home after school. Considered a learning tool, many […]

Last day in Ozark, Alabama (short sketch)

1889-1890 One day in the Ozark would be the last day Joshua Jefferson would spend in Ozark, Alabama; It was November 24, 1889. He was all 86 years old, and in the 76 years that he lived near the Ozark, he had only been to the city half a dozen times, and for him that was enough, but his earlier […]

How to choose a good VPN service provider

How can you find out which VPN service is the best? This is the question that comes to mind when we are about to buy a personal VPN account. When we see that there are so many providers, we can’t help but wonder which one is the best. However, depending on what each person needs, “the best” can mean something […]